why is my cat meowing so much

Why cat meows, what does it express, in what circumstances

The cat’s meow is its primary means of expression. Even if he uses body language such as mimics, postures, ear movements, the domestic cat often has little choice to attract the attention of his master.

But what can he mean when he speaks to you? If some individuals are more talkative than others, simply trying to communicate meowing can also be essential to understanding your cat’s needs. In case of excessive meowing, there is often a reason. So, know how to listen, he will pay you back!

The different kinds of meowing

The cat has a range of sometimes surprisingly varied meows and noises. From the tiny “meow” to the hiss, through the purr, the “mrrph,” and more, it can convey different emotions and messages.

The volume of meows also plays a role in communication. By observing your cat and listening to it, you will quickly be able to identify these various nuances and begin to decipher its needs. For example, the clear meow is generally used to express a request. Your cat is hungry or thirsty or wants to go out.

The meow accompanied by purrs, on the other hand, means that he is asking you for hugs. It also happens that the mewing is very strong, sad, sometimes with a trembling voice. This kind of noise then expresses fear, discomfort, pain. Finally, growling and hissing are signs of annoyance or warning. The cat is ready to attack, or something is annoying it.

The main causes of a cat meowing

As we said, the cat can meow for many reasons. In the event of repeated meowing, especially if it is unusual for you, it is advisable to do what is necessary to identify the cause. Especially since this situation can quickly become exhausting, first, check that all the cat’s vital needs are met, such as eating, drinking, defecating.

The hungry cat is easily recognizable. The mewing will be more insistent when you enter the kitchen or approach the cupboard where the kibble is stored. It is not uncommon for him to post in front of a sink or sink or meow in your shower or bathtub if he is thirsty!

It’s also common for cats to meow because of a closed door. They hate it. In many cases, opening the door in question will be enough to calm him down, especially if the one in the garden! Finally, a precise cause that pushes the cat to meow in a heartbreaking way is the breeding season. If your kitty or kitten is not sterilized, this is the most obvious reason.

Other possible causes

Boredom, stress, and pain are all reasons that make the cat meow, sometimes alarmingly. Some apartment cats are indeed bored, especially when they have no access to the outdoors. They then do everything to attract the attention of their master, expressing themselves by incessant meowing. Giving him toys can help keep him occupied and a cat tree where he can climb and hide.

The good idea is to install high platforms that will serve as observation posts – an excellent occupation for a cat! Some cats can also meow when they are anxious. In an unfamiliar place, in the car or on public transport, at night. Of pheromones that can help calm the cat in its environment.

How to detect an abnormal meow?

Meowing can also indicate that your pet is in pain. If you have eliminated all the potential causes and the behavior persists, your cat may be sick or in a more or less temporary situation of discomfort. Conversely, a usually communicative cat who suddenly becomes quiet may signal that they are not well. You will then be interested in consulting the veterinarian, especially if your cat is starting to age. Osteoarthritis or thyroid disorders can occur with age.

What to do against meowing?

Only after having understood the cause of the meowing can we find the appropriate solution. For example, if your cat asks a lot, you can provide him with a kibble dispenser or a water fountain. If he is bored, try to play with him more often or, if you can offer him a playmate who will also keep him company in your absence.

Finally, meowing can come from a problem of education if you tend to give in to all its whims. There is no secret. The cat mainly meows to get what it wants! If this is the case with yours, try to ignore it. It may stop on its own after a few hours. Or a few days! It will be necessary to give him the good habits, that is to say, that he will have to wait when you are busy. And above all, take it upon yourself not to crack, because if you give in even once, he will remember it and start again! Granted, this method can be nerve-wracking, but your patience and consistency will pay off in the end.

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