Kitty Cat Kingdom


Review of Petcube

Have you ever wanted to keep an eye on your pet while your away from home? Pet daycare is expensive...


Do Cats Grieve?

Some people think cats are exempt from complex emotions because they are a lesser species, this is not the case....


Treating Cat Anxiety

Anxiety in cats? Yes, Cats absolutely get anxiety, even severely. There are so many things that can cause anxiety in...


I’m Allergic To My Cat

Imagine sniffling and sneezing and having watery, itchy eyes every time you cuddle up to your furry best friend. That...


Fading Kitten Syndrome Signs

Fading kitten syndrome is not a specific disease, but a collection of symptoms and conditions that can lead to a...


Weird Cat Behavior

Cat’s have a wide range of behaviors, some are normal and just expressive and others can be a signal to...

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